Welcome to Quantone!

This is the company formerly known as Decibel - the company that does cool things with music data.

To introduce our new recommendation product we’ve rebranded. (If Google can do it, *we* certainly can, though we promise NOT to rebrand as frequently as Prince.)

Quantone started in 2010 as Decibel Music Systems, to answer the need for digital music data.

Digital music is great - digital metadata is “less great”. There’s the problem of completeness. It looks bad when the artist is listed as “Mozart”. There are alternate spellings, artist nicknames, different titles for the same piece, and of course, the question of languages. Individually, people and web sites do what’s “good enough”, but there’s a real need for people who really get it right.

Founder Evan Stein started life as a musicologist, but made his living in IT. He wrote investigation systems for the Manhattan DA (the real people behind Law and Order), and was Director of Application Development for Standard & Poor’s Europe. Looking at the digital music situation, he saw the benefits of technology from outside the music world: non-linear, linked searching, and a scalable, “normalised” world where data is seen from different angles. This is the technology used at Quantone.

Since its founding, the company has made its mark, both with commercial clients and also with thought-leaders in the industry.

What we do

Quantone offers the most in-depth data in the music industry. For every track we store over 100 pieces of information, with links between artists, performances, venues … and much, much more.

We have researchers, an original editorial team, and deal not only with popular music, but with “difficult” music like jazz and classical.

In partnership with IBM’s Watson platform, we offer music recommendation. You get the best of both: Quantone’s hard facts, combined with Watson’s human-like “intuition” on music you’d like to hear.

What we offer

Non-technical users can browse the data using our browser tool, and technical users can create new products using our web services.

For full explanations, look at our data and recommendations pages. Should you need any help (after reading!), please contact sales@quantonemusic.com.


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